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Theory of Condensed Matter

Theoretical Condensed Matter physics is about building models of physical processes, often driven by experimental data, generalising the solutions of those models to make predictions, and transferring the concepts gained into other areas. Theory plays an important role in understanding known phenomena and in predicting new ones.

With over seventy members, TCM is the largest university Condensed Matter Theory group in the country. Able to trace its history back for over sixty years, it has been home to many leading theoreticians.


Anton Souslov

Dr Anton Souslov is part of the Executive Board of the new UK Metamaterials NetworkPlus which will launch in May, expanding on the existing UK Metamaterials Network. Metamaterials are structures comprised of multiple materials, with properties possessed by none of their constituents. The network will bring together experts from academia, industry, and governmental agencies, and support pilot projects. It has a £2.5m four-year EPSRC grant.

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